The 1852 name & Co is a symbolic nod that refers to a turning point in modern history, a pivotal year in which the countries of Europe and North America began to come in waves in the era of industrialization , which began a year earlier with the Universal Exhibition in London at the Crystal Palace .
Wishing distill strong values ​​that are rooted in the industry sense of the term as a tool for modernization and production of goods on a large scale , but also cultural and social development, 1852 Agency & Co site and the innovation and creativity at the heart of its concerns. And it touches on many areas of intervention including hotels, restaurants, industrial goods and services , crafts , equipment, public space, home equipment , transportation, furniture, lighting , packaging , packing, watch …
” While appealing to universal values ​​and codes, the design must meet economic, basic needs , satisfy the collective demand , expectations and hopes of the majority …. A stylistic and human approach lie in finding a “terroir” modern, simple, useful and viable born of necessity, which serve as the function and whose wealth ressourcerait in identity and collective values ​​design , “. Hicham Lahlou