Racking the brains, imagining, writing down, thinking over, scribbling, sketching, designing, challenging oneself, crossing out,correcting…

It is with pencil strokes that everything starts to take shape with Hicham Lahlou. Before succeeding in producing an image in 3 dimensions, that can be exported and in high resolution, now the general rule in the profession where the processes of industrialization require the greatest precision, it is through a drawing, after all a some what artisanal method, that he expresses his talent and his ideas.

With his pencil and drawing, the other characteristic feature of the designer Hicham Lahlou is travel.

A globetrotter since his youth,fascinated by Asia and in love with Africa, curious to know History and discover its mysteries, attracted by distant lands and their utopias, he uses his passport in the four corners of the world todevelop his awareness of the world, its beings and what surrounds them. Hicham Lahlou is an artist of the World, with Casablancas his point of gravitation.

Wherever he is, he practises his trade of creation and seizes inspiration before it flees… One way like another to distil a part of dream into his creations.